And according to Lyle Schaller, "The larger the church, the longer the tenure, and the sharper the growth pattern, the more crucial is succession and the more difficult to work it out."

Change is hard. And leadership succession can implode a church if not handled with extreme care and planning.

We're tackling this issue of succession in our next Leadership Network online conference. You'll learn from leaders that have survived difficult transitions; some that completed successful transitions, and others who have paid the price of a failed succession. You'll get insight both from those who have passed the baton, and those that have received it.

We think it will be a valuable day for you and your leadership team. It will be an opportunity for you to start the succession discussion (if you haven't already), and to learn great lessons from those that have already gone through these largely uncharted waters for many churches.



We've assembled some great speakers that will talk about all kinds of succession and transition for churches.  Here are a few of our speaker's stories...

Jason Gerdes

Pastor - REvolution Church - canton, gEORGIA

Jason Gerdes entered a difficult situation when he became the second pastor of Revolution Church. The founding pastor of four years had been forced to leave after a extramarital affair was exposed. And the very day that Jason was announced as the new pastor at Revolution, the former pastor announced that he was planting a new church in the same town. Jason will share what he's learned in the three years since the succession, and how there is life on the other side for a church that goes through such a rough period of trial and testing.

Jonathan Falwell

pastor - Thomas Road Baptist Church - Lynchburg, Virginia

Being the son of a nationally known pastor is never easy. But Dr. Jerry Falwell's sudden heart attack nearly five years ago pushed Jonathan Falwell toward a position he was not expecting or necessarily cherishing: becoming the senior leader of the church his father founded and pastored for over fifty years. Jonathan shares with us how God has blessed Thomas Road before, during, and after this high profile succession.

Gene Getz

pastor - author - bible teacher - plano, texas

When Gene Getz was 68 years old, he realized it was time to pass the torch of his Senior Pastor position at Fellowship Bible Church North. Gene will share with us how he sensed that God wanted him to transition the position of Senior Pastor to someone else and how that came about. We'll also hear from Gene's successor, Jeff Jones, on what it has been like to step into the shoes of a much-loved, long-term founding pastor like Gene.

Jason Bolin

lead pastor - Trinity Chapel - Powder Springs, Georgia

Jason Bolin had to instantly fill his father's shoes at Trinity Chapel. When his father's moral failure was revealed, Jason found himself not only as his father's immediate successor, but also as the person who would be reponsible for walking the path with his father (and mother) toward reconcilation. Jason shares openly what he has learned over the past years, and what churches can do to make it through times of tough transition and brokenness.

Jason Meyer

Lead Pastor - Bethlehem Baptist Church - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Earlier this year, Jason Meyer took the senior pastor reins from one of the most prominent pastors in America: John Piper. While it is still very early in Bethlehem's succession plan, Jason shares with us more about the planning and implementation of the succession at Bethlehem, and what he's learning along the way.

Francis Chan

Pastor - Author - Speaker - San Francisco, California

Why would a pastor leave a church when things are going great? And how does God work in the heart of a leader when he wants the leader to step out into the unknown. Francis Chan stunned many in the church world a couple of years ago when announced a change in direction in his life and ministry. Francis will share with us how all this change came about, and some wisdom on how all of us can be attentive to God's voice during times of personal transition and succession.

Laurie Beshore

mariners church - irvine, california

Laurie Beeshore had led well at Mariner's Church for years. In fact, she had led so well, the the ministry outgrew her. She became overwhelmed, and humbly turned over the leadership of the ministry she loved and built to another person. Laurie still serves in that ministry today, but in a much different capacity. Laurie will share with us the importance of knowing when to transition, and how to deal with very tough and personal emotions, even when you know you're doing the right thing.

Bryan Carter

Lead Pastor - Concord Church - Dallas, Texas

At 29 years-old, Bryan Carter found himself taking over a church pastored for 28 years by a much-loved and well-known pastor. Bryan had been hired as this man's successor, and they were working through the process and plan of that succession when the pastor died. Bryan will share with us how to successfully succeed a long-term pastor, and what you can do if you're in that type of a role to insure your longevity and success.

Also scheduled to speak: Gene Appel, Brady Boyd, Mike Erre, Jim Garlow, Neil Cole, Mac Lake, Kevin Harney, Dennis Keating, Max Lucado, Ben Dailey, Scott Wilson and more!